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Understanding crop insurance

Many farmers purchase crop-hail coverage as a supplement to MPCI Crop-hail policies often have a low or even no deductible Because unlike drought or blight hail can completely destroy a portion of crops in one area of a farm but leave other crops undamaged a hail claim may be less than the amount of the deductible on an MPCI policy Get Price

Farmers Will Destroy 1 in 4 Cranberries this Year

Here's another weird wrinkle Even though the committee that represents all cranberry farmers has voted to destroy one of every four berries grown this year (which seems to indicate we're definitely growing too many cranberries) no one is allowed to ask anyone else to pause their farm expansion plans or slow down production Get Price

Farm Crop and Livestock Insurance Solutions

For many agricultural producers crop insurance is an important risk management tool To better understand how crop insurance can provide an economic backstop to unforeseen agricultural losses we offer the following overview Crop Insurance Crop insurance policies are issued by private insurance companies and sold by licensed local agents Get Price

Crop Insurance Options for Farmers Affected by Flooding

USDA's Risk Management Agency reminds producers who have federal crop insurance coverage and are unable to plant a crop because of flooding or excess moisture to contact their crop insurance agent to discuss available prevented planting options Get Price

Natural Disasters and Crop Insurance

For producers who purchase federal crop insurance the effects of bad weather can be mitigated and they can have confidence their business will be able to continue to operate Do nothing to destroy your crop until you have permission from a claims adjuster or an insurance company representative Get Price

Heavy rains have saturated fields forcing producers to

Heavy rains have saturated fields forcing producers to make tough decisions Can I destroy the damaged crop and prepare to replant A It is important not to destroy a field with crop damage until an adjuster has approved/released the field for other cropping or potential tillage practices Get Price

Vulnerability of specialty crops to short

Poor crop quality and quantity especially impact migrant labor earning capacity and crop loss from freezes and other weather events change the timing or in some instances destroy the crop and eliminate the need for labor (Johnson and Morton 2015) In addition one year's crop loss can disrupt future availability of labor Get Price

Call to Destroy All Romaine Lifted California Crop

27-11-2018After calling for those in the U S food chain to destroy all romaine lettuce last week FDA and CDC is now narrowing the scope of its investigation to romaine grown in California's Central Coast and Salinas Valley To be clear FDA and CDC have not yet identified where the shiga-toxin E coli Get Price

Drought Management Strategies Related To Production

Crop producers are encouraged to have their soil tested to determine fertilizer carry-over prior to establishing the next crop especially if the previous crop was fertilized for a yield goal that was much higher than the actual yield of the drought-stressed crop Economic Decisions Get Price

Texas Crop and Weather Report Texas forage producers

Corriher-Olson said new and seasoned forage producers have been on edge regarding armyworms since last year when outbreaks were widespread and impacted production during a poor forage and hay season She said producers shouldn't fear the pest but should be vigilant if Get Price

Introduction to Crop Insurance for Organic and

INTRODUCTION TO CROP INSURANCE FOR ORGANIC AND TRANSITIONING PRODUCERS 3 Introduction Crop insurance programs can help minimize risk and protect you and your farm from weather- and market-related losses This guidebook is designed to help you understand how crop insurance works and how to determine which crop insurance options are right for you Get Price

Corn and Soybean Crop Depredation by Wildlife

producers (farmers and ranchers) in the United States exceed $4 5 billion annually Results of nationwide surveys conducted in 1993 and 1994 indicated that 80 percent of farmers and ranchers suffered wildlife FNR- 65-W Corn and Soybean Crop Depredation by Wildlife Get Price

The impact of natural hazards and disasters on

• The high impact of natural hazards and disasters on agriculture calls for enhanced mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction and resilience building within the agricultural sectors • There are major data gaps on the impact of natural hazards and disasters on the agriculture sectors in developing countries This sector-specific data must be Get Price


Once seeded FEI coverage remains in effect until the crop is established or action is taken to destroy the crop prior to June 25 of the year after planting After the crop is established you must apply for Forage Insurance or Forage Seed Insurance to continue coverage for a production shortfall as well as a Forage Restoration benefit Get Price

RMAContact insurance provider before destroying freeze

The USDA Risk Management Agency regional office in Topeka Kansas this week reminded wheat growers that they need to contact their crop insurance company prior to putting their wheat acres to another use either by haying or grazing the wheat or by plantin Get Price

U S Department of Agriculture U S Government Publication

inflicted substantial costs on agricultural producers in the United States Though estimates of damage to agricultural production range widely and are largely context specific (Bevins et al 2014) it is clear that wild pigs have the ability to damage most crops destroy livestock through Get Price

Cover Crop Spec Guide

Vegetable crop producers should consider using living mulches to prevent erosion improve soil structure and microbial population improve water relations and provide beneficial insect habitat Legume living mulches like berseem clover are well suited for NH and provide supplemental N if they are mown and blown to adjacent cash crop Get Price

Will Stem Rust Destroy the World's Wheat Crop?

Will Stem Rust Destroy the World's Wheat Crop? crop growth The world's largest producers of wheat are China India and to be used heavily to protect the wheat crop in other later-sown areas the authors strongly believe that the major threat of stem rust once again Get Price

Crop Insurance Options For Farmers Affected by Flooding

Contact your insurance agent if you believe acreage should be replanted Producers must receive written permission from the insurance company to replant abandon or destroy a crop Farmers can reference RMA's Planting Date Map Viewer for Final Planting Dates by crop Get Price

7 CFR 1437 8

Producers must retain records of the production and acreage yield for a minimum of 3 years for each crop for which an application for coverage is filed in accordance with 1437 7 Producers may be selected and be required to provide records acceptable to FSA to support any certification provided Get Price

Do High Prices Destroy Demand? • farmdoc daily

Scott Irwin and Darrel Good • During the period of rapidly increasing commodity prices since the summer of 2010 there has been occasional reference to demand destruction resulting from higher prices That terminology is misleading and conceptually incorrect What commentators are generally referring to of course is that high and Get Price

Russia says U S should eradicate Afghan opium

28-3-2010KABUL (Reuters) - Russia accused the United States on Sunday of conniving with Afghanistan's drug producers by refusing to destroy opium crops the second time in a week Moscow has taken a swipe at the West over drug policy U S Marines have advanced into one of the main opium-growing regions of Get Price

Specialty crop producers join Washington rally in support

Specialty crop producers join Washington rally in support of comprehensive farm bill by Joan Murphy | September 13 2012 WASHINGTON — Specialty crop producers joined a campaign-style rally near Congress Sept 12 trying to ratchet up the pressure on lawmakers to vote for a five-year farm bill slated to expire Sept 30 Get Price

Canada's weed growers destroy a lot of cannabis

24-9-2018Canadians smoked a lot of weed last year But Canada's licensed pot growers had to destroy a lot of it too For every kilogram of legal cannabis consumed in Canada nearly eight kilograms of cannabis plants and waste are composted burned or destroyed by Canadian pot growers Get Price

Regulations force hemp producers to destroy valuable

18-9-2017"Health Canada is aware that the hemp sector has proposed regulatory reforms that would permit hemp producers to use the whole hemp plant including the leaves and flowers that producers are currently required to destroy under the existing framework " the spokesperson continued Get Price


destroy crop residues immediately after harvest provide the food required by these pests to reproduce and to enter diapause This lapse in field sanitation can directly cause the occurrence of devastating levels of these pests in the following season on neighboring farms The implications of allowing a small fraction of a population of a major Get Price

Hemp growers reminded to test before harvest

If the THC levels results exceed the concentration level allowable by law growers may destroy the crop or repeat the testing two additional times Crops determined to be non-compliant after the third test will be ordered destroyed added VanBuren For more information visit the Industrial Hemp website Get Price

Organic Corn Production

15-10-2010Organic corn production has some challenges maintaining a diverse crop rotation developing a balanced sustainable low cost fertility plan and mastering the art of mechanical weed control but based on some of the farmers I visited with you should be able to produce corn that yields from 80% to of conventional production Get Price

Cranberry growers want to destroy crop to prop up prices

7-9-2018Cranberry growers want to destroy crop to prop up prices Sep 7 2018 | Ep4403 The Boston Globe reports that after struggling with an oversupply of the berries for nearly two decades growers around the country are asking the U S Department of Agriculture for authorization to sell 75 percent of the supply and discard the rest Get Price

Cereals Grains

15-6-2004The soybean is toxic to humans and mono gastric animals and requires heat treatment to destroy the trypsin enzyme inhibitors Cultivation requires a climate with hot summers The main producers are Argentina Brazil China India Paraguay and the United States of America with a total world production of 230 million tonnes in 2008 (FAOSTAT) Get Price